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Organized Aging provides home organization for older adults. We work with you to create a safe, organized and comfortable home. Our services help you achieve the quality of life and independence you desire.


  • In-home needs assessment

  • Slip and fall prevention

  • Downsizing and relocation

  • Organization of living and work spaces

  • Clutter control

  • Storage system design

  • Estate inventory and sales


  • Working and retired adults

  • Adults who are downsizing and relocating

  • Frailer adults who need home modifications

  • Adult children and family members

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Rebekah Gould:

Founder & President

For 25 years Rebekah specialized in business organization and event planning for major corporations back East and currently resides and works in California.


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Preparing my 93 year old mother and her apartment of 30 years for downsizing and relocation to assisted living was an overwhelming project to contemplate. While I am fortunate to be in the same city as my mom my professional responsibilities prevented me from doing the endless hours of sorting and packing that was necessary. 

Rebekah Gould facilitated the project in a caring and professional way.  She very quickly established a rapport with my mom. They jointly chose which items to take to her new residence, what to donate and what to discard. On moving day Rebekah was quite helpful.  She unpacked and organized the lay-out and storage at the new unit in a beautiful way. Rebekah was reliable, showing up on time each day.  

She offered to pick up supplies and food for my mom and demonstrated concern for her nutrition and general well-being. Rebekah also expressed concern for and helped attend to my mom’s state of mind as she struggled to cope with the disruption and strain of the situation. 

Rebekah was instrumental in getting our most difficult project done – a job that would have been impossible and overwhelming for me to handle personally.  I recommend her highly

Richard C

Rebekah Gould has been assisting me for many months as I work to declutter and downsize my living space. With Rebekah’s lead, we have been able to approach the task in a manner that helped me to not only work with her, but to work alone once we had started.

Rebekah is an exceptionally warm and understanding person who has been through the downsizing process herself and knows the ups and down, and challenges that the task has.

I would recommend Rebekah to anyone who wants supportive assistance as it pertains to decluttering, downsizing their home or office, or moving from one place to another. She is easy to work with and genuinely wants to help others with what can be a daunting task.


The Value of a Professional Organizer:

Before Rebekah began to work with me, I didn’t have any space for possessions. I learned how to make space and to identify excess which we either tossed, donated, or gave away.

Now I can find what I want when I want it. Not only did I gain space and beautify my home, but now I have an increased amount of time to spend with my family and friends. I was proud to have my family and friends visit me in my home.

The other positive effects were the decrease in stress and increase in pride in my home and joy in my family. Many thanks to Rebekah for her patience, caring, and expertise.


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